High quality ultrafine zinc oxides

Zinc oxides for sun & skin care, cosmetics, and packaging.

At EverZinc, we are committed to creating products that matter. We established EverCare, a new company to have dedicated focus on innovation, supply, and service for the Zano® and Xperse® product lines.

Our portfolio consists of three distinct Zano products that each have different performance characteristics when it comes to balanced protection, UVA performance and transparency.

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Zano® is a range of ultrafine zinc oxides that provide tailored performance in broadband UVA/UVB absorption and transparency in several applications.


Zano® powders and Xperse® dispersions offer balanced broad-band UV protection and transparency in sunscreen formulations.

Zano® enables sunscreens with SPF value up to 50+, even when used as single UV filter.


Zano® powders and Xperse® dispersions are safe UV filters. They do not cause any irritation or sensitization, are very mild on the skin and non photoallergic.

Besides protecting against photo-aging, Zano® provides other skin benefits of zinc oxide, such as anti-inflammatory and skin healing properties. 

Color cosmetics

Zano® powders are safe UV filters and provide color cosmetics with protection against photo-aging and other benefits of zinc oxide, such as anti-inflammatory and skin healing properties.

Depending on the grade, Zano®  will have a minimum impact on opacity of powder and liquid foundations.


Zano® is an ideal additive for rigid and flexible packaging and textiles. It provides long-lasting UV protection and is non-migratory and heat stable.

This makes Zano® an ideal additive for both food and non-food applications. When used in transparent food packaging Zano® protects sensitive elements such as fats, protein and vitamins to minimize discoloration, off-flavors and vitamin loss, and improve the quality and shelf-life of the packed content.


The Zano® portfolio consists of three types of ultra fine zinc oxide powders that have been designed to offer specific performance properties.

Each Zano® product is available in uncoated pure form and a triethoxycaprylyl silane surface treated version.

Our Zano® products are manufactured and tested in compliance with GMP Part II / ICH Q7 requirements.

  • Zano® 10 & Zano® 10 Plus

    Offering the best balance between highest broadband UV protection and transparency.

  • Zano® 20 & Zano® 20 Plus

    Zano® 20 and Zano® 20 Plus offer the highest levels of transparency in cosmetics while still offering excellent UVA and UVB protection.

    The Zano® 20, Zano® 20 Plus as well as Zano® 20 Plus 3 are specifically suitable for engineered plastics, fibers and textile applications.

  • Zano® M & Zano® M Plus

    Offering the highest levels of UVA protection.

  • Xperse®

    Various dispersions of Zano® and Zano® Plus powders